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obi challenge


how to give the best

possible solution in 48h?

my role

User Flow Design,
Collaborate with UI/UX Design

Team with

Tania Arteaga
Dargis I. Perez
Jose A. Bertrán


May 22-May 24

Tools used

Adobe XD
Microsoft Word


To practice our knowledge and remember the University times, some friends and I decided to participate in the UX challenge launched by Reply Challenge in Germany. We had 48 hours to present a design alternative that would solve a given real problem. When the clock started counting, this was the challenge:

Create in 48h an alternative to the OBI DIY app, for their current and new users. Based on the previous investigation of the company, this new proposal should give:

  • A guarantee of success: the customer will not fail in their endeavor if they use our services and start their DIY projects
  • Support when it's needed: We are there to help them every step of the way, to make their DIY dreams a reality
  • Inspiring them with great ideas
  • Providing guidance though many how-to tutorials and tips
  • Giving one-to-one advice and opinions from certified experts
  • Offering great brands and high-quality products and materials at great prices

the Strategy

Given time, our approach to the problem would be this:

• Understand the problem
• Define the potential users, their pain points and goals
• Ideate
• Define the user flow
• Make the vital wireframes (the innovative part)
• Make some High-fidelity mockups and essential interactions

the users


Laura Vazquez (28)

No DIY Experience
No Tools & No Workshop
Limited budget
Limited time
Interest: Occasional Gift


Carlos Alvarez (32)

DIY Experience.
Some tools & No Workshop
Limited budget
Limited time
Interest: Save money


Jan Decker (67)

DIY Experience
Tools & Workshop
Good budget
Have time
Interest: Make useful things for home


Understanding the users

pain points, and how to offer

them a guarantee of success

Why did people fail in DIY projects? Well, maybe they don't have the tools or the budget. They are afraid of wasting time making something that doesn't look great at the end. Or stock in some part of the project and can’t continue sure about what they are doing. Or maybe they just are afraid because they don’t have experience. We need to make sure we are solving these fears with our proposal. That's how we did it:

  • Show projects according to experience: People feel more secure when things adjust to their preferences and skills. That is why we decided that right at the beginning each user would classify themselves in: Raising Talent, Expert, and DIY Master according to their experience. Each project will show its level of experience required, so people can choose the ones that best suit them, successfully complete them, and increase their confidence.
  • Confidence in every step: How to be sure that you will finish the project if you don't know how to finish the next step? For users who have doubts, we have created the option of uploading a photo of how the step is going and get online assistance.
  • Others already did it! In addition to its details, each DIY Project will show images of how others have already done it. (These images will be taken from the photos that users upload while completing their projects)
  • Everything you need: You will not only be able to access DIY projects, but also buy or rent any tool you need. And if you don't have space in your house to do it, you can reserve your space in the nearest OBI workshop!

user Flow




 visual Mockups



home & Project Details


profile & OBI Workshop


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what I Learn?

The goal is always to solve a problem with design. When you and your team are clear about that, you can think outside the box and adjust to any circumstance. This is the key to feeling at the end proud of your work.