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Sacramentum is a system of digital management of sacramental files created for the Catholic Church. Through this product, the different churches administer and digitalize the sacramental archives related to baptisms, marriages, deaths, priestly ordinations, etc. I had the pleasure of working closely with Julio, its creator, and developer, for the creation of its brand, iconography and web redesign.


Brand & Iconography Designer, Micro UX / UI Designer


January 2018
(2 weeks)

project goal

Create the brand, iconography and redesign the website to reflect the new branding

tools used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

the problem

Julio, the main developer of Sacramentum, contacted me and explained the need for a new brand. He explained that this product came about at the request of a church to begin the digitalization of its documents. After this, several churches were requesting it and already with several clients, they want to launch the product in a professional way and facilitate its download and installation.

We discussed the scope of the project, the project schedule, and the objective. He also explained to me that he had no visual expectations of the final solution of the project, only that it looked clean and modern. We agreed to focus first on the creation of the brand, the iconography for services, and then proceed to redesign the website.

the users

At this point, I focus on knowing better who the users of the product would be, the buyers, and in what context the product would be used. I found the product will be used by people who work in the administration of the church. In summary, these people are Catholic Cubans, are between 30 and 55 years old, and access the product on desktop computers.

After analyzing the context, I took note of some functional requirements.
• The brand must be simple, with good performance for the taskbar of a desktop computer.
• The icons should conform to the space allocated to them by the Odoo system, the management system that was used for software development.

the process

As I am quite familiar with the Catholic symbology and taking into account the fast timeline of the project, I outlined a brand proposal with a simple concept, which could later facilitate the development of an icon system.


I was lucky that Julio really liked the proposal, leaving me an open path to start designing an icon system for this new brand. The icons should be descriptive of the type of sacrament or service. As some of these services were quite specific he gave me descriptions of what each involved. 


current website

Next, we look at the current Sacramentum website. Julio's goal was to preserve the content as much as possible and maintain the structure of a single web page. Thus we focus the redesign objective on organizing the content and adapting it to the new product image.

Also, I suggested to highlight the product services without showing too many screenshots of the interface. The Sacramentum interface has many features that would be difficult to understand just by scrolling the landing page.

In summary, the structure of the page would be as follows:

• Headline
• Product demo
• Features brief description
• Presentation of search criteria 
• Product preview
• Footer

Wireframes & Mockups

The proposal for the landing page was simple: focus on what problems do you solve with the product. In the second iteration rounds, I received approval for the website design and started preparing the high-fidelity mockups as well as the files for web development.


what I learn?

It is important to involve decision-makers in our design process as soon as possible. Knowing their expectations and being open to their suggestions shortens delivery times and makes the whole process much happier.